In a recent trip to Southwest Florida to visit schools and check in with current programs using The Fumble Pro, I came away with a couple of positive impressions. One, teams love it and it has proven to make an actual difference in their turnover ratio for the season. Two, teams have found new and different ways to incorporate The Fumble Pro into their everyday practice routines. That includes weight room, pre-practice, and practice. They taught me several different quarterback and receiver drills I hadn’t even thought of.  In receiver drills, the Fumble Pro was used to increase grip strength and the Wide Receiver’s ability to catch with their hands and bring the football to their body. We will have new videos loaded up to our website that demonstrate the Wide Receiver drills soon.
The thing that most caught my eye was quarterback coach Josh Vogelbach, of Sport Specific Training in Ft. Myers, using The Fumble Pro to teach quarterbacks increased pocket awareness. He found unique ways to incorporate it into his football drills. He stated, “the muscle memory the quarterbacks gained throughout training made a direct impact throughout the season.” One of his quarterbacks, a NCAA Division 1 prospect, made giant strides in reducing turnovers after taking hits in and out of the pocket. These drills can be used for players at every level – Pop Warner, High School, College, and the NFL.
We want to hear from you.  Let us know how you are using the Fumble Pro at your practices.  Even better, send us a video and we’ll make you famous on our website.  Please continue to check out our videos page as we update it with new drill ideas.