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The Fumble Pro Debut at the Auburn Clinic Coaches Clinic

I’m two weeks past due on my postings, but The Auburn Coaches clinic was too good not to write about. Hosted by Head Equipment manager Dana Marquez, the clinic was well run and they did an excellent job accommodating everyone, not to mention the fantastic food! I had the opportunity to listen in on some of the coaches meetings and I would recommend any staff to attend this clinic. It would be very beneficial to hear what Coach Gus Malzahn and staff are doing at Auburn. The Auburn staff conducts their business in a way I’ve never seen in my 23 years of football. There is no doubt in my mind that Malzahn and company will continue to change the game of football. They’re as innovative of a football staff that I’ve ever seen. That’s why it’s so awesome that they’ve chosen to use the Fumble Pro as their number one training tool to eliminate fumbles and turnovers. In addition to the Auburn staff, there was an excellent cast of coaches that spoke at the meeting. The list included legends like Lou Holtz and nationally famed high school staffs, such as Hoover H.S. in Alabama.

As for the Fumble Pro we started off with a bang. Shortly after arrival, I first meet with Dana and he described how Auburn is utilizing the Fumble Pro daily. Their running backs coach Tim Horton told me that they’ve been using the Fumble Pro all offseason in the weight room. As I went out to their scrimmage, I was pleased to see that they’ve incorporated the Fumble Pro into their running back drills as well. Ball security is not something that is just preached at Auburn, it is a part of everything they do. I repeatedly heard their coaching staff state “it is okay to end every position with a kick”, “Hold on to the football”, & “high and tight”. It is all about the 5 points of pressure with Auburn. By the 5 points I mean the proper way to hold on to the football and prevent fumbling. As seen below:

  1. Fingers
  2. Palm
  3. Forearm
  4. Bicep
  5. Chest



My favorite part of practice (other than watching Auburn use the Fumble Pro) was watching Coach Malzahn run his live 1st & 3rd down plays. Coaches at the clinic referred to it as the “Dirty Show.” If you’ve never seen it, it is a no huddle part of practice, where the coaches are communicating by headset, meanwhile the music is booming to a head-bobbing beat. It is adrenaline-charged and left me with no wonder on why recruits would want to be a part of it. I was ready to throw the pads back on and play, but I’m not sure Coach Malzahn has much use for this broken down old body.

*One other highlight of note. In anticipation of our new debut of the Rebound pro, I spent time with Auburn basketball coach who worked through some rebounding drills and he demonstrated to me on how he thought the Rebound pro would be a great addition to a basketball practice.

Fumble Pro At Auburn


Fumble Pro At Auburn


Matthew D. Hall

CEO, Innocept


As Rick and Joe passed the slot machines and roulette tables on their way to their booth at Nike’s Coach of the Year Clinic in Atlantic City, they were not distracted by the chance to win it big.  They knew that in their hands was their key to success – the Fumble Pro. They, however, left nothing to chance.  Before noon on Thursday they were already acting like high rollers standing in front of their high-definition display showcasing the Fumble Pro to some of the top high schools and colleges in the country.  The first day of the clinic flew by and, while everyone took some good advice and pointers from the highly qualified presenters, coaches were soon realizing that the key to their success was not in those meeting rooms – it was at the Innocept booth.  Every coach that got his hands on the latest in football training technology instantly felt how this tool could improve his team and, as usual, the lure of Innocept’s feature product was undeniable.

We went ‘all in’ on the second day of the clinic and really hit it big.  The clinic director was so impressed with the product that after purchasing a Fumble Pro for himself, he gave Rick and Joe the opportunity to showcase the Fumble Pro in the main meeting room.  In addition to over 230 coaches, Chris Petersen from Boise State, David Shaw from Stanford, and Mark Dantonio from Michigan State were also in attendance and looked on as the Innocept team demonstrated how teams can benefit from the Fumble Pro.  Looks of understanding and enlightenment filled the room as coaches realized that they no longer had to chalk up a gifted and athletic player as a ‘fumbler’.  They could now possess the tools to teach their players NOT to fumble instead of making them run an extra lap or do pushups – exercises that only punish players and do not help them improve.  The response from this demonstration was outstanding as many coaches left the meeting and immediately placed their orders for their own Fumble Pro.  Before it was all said and done, 3 high school championship teams from Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia purchased Fumble Pros for their own programs along with multiple other high school and college teams.  The top teams in the nation also had the chance to witness the next big thing in sports-specific training and we could not be happier with the overwhelming response to our product. Dozens of teams expressed their interest in placing orders and we look forward to helping all of these teams succeed in the future and are thankful for everyone’s support.  We are also thankful that Rick and Joe escaped the Atlantic City casinos with their dignity and bank accounts in tact.


The Innocept Team
Ball Security. Don’t Preach It, Teach It!

“The Fumble Pro is the ultimate training tool to reduce turnovers for players of all ages.”