Okay, so maybe that was a slight embellishment, but technically it is true. However, I am going to speak about the great program that is Alabama football. First off, if you have not been to Tuscaloosa, AL it is a fantastic campus that embodies Southern traditions and in specifically embraces sports. The clinic was well run and coordinated by Brandy Moore, the Football Operations Coordinator at Alabama. We had the opportunity to meet with a lot of great coaches and see some incredible new products on the market. One company in particular that caught my eye was Forced Strength and their utility weight bar. It is a great product and its multi-use gives a team the ability to eliminate many other types of lifts, saving teams money & increasing efficiency. Another new product, that is very innovative and I think a vital part of a team’s strength training program is This is the Hudl of strength training and I’m confident that in 5 years, this will be the direction every football program moves in.

This is the 2nd year that the Fumble Pro made a trip to The University of Alabama. The number one thing that I took away was the detail that every coached emphasized. These very details have attributed to 3 National Championships since 2009.


It has also led to some of the finest facilities in the country here are a few pictures…



These amazing facilities train some of the finest athletes in the country. It was a great experience to watch them first hand at practice. After watching them at practice, specifically the Defense, there is no doubt in my mind that they will be competing for another National Championship. On the offensive side of the ball they place the highest emphasis on Ball security, reducing turnovers, & absolutely no fumbles. This is why it is important we get them some Fumble Pros!

Overall it was a great clinic. The Fumble Pro team was in full force, thanks to support of my Green Beret friend Adam Free who makes one heck of a pitchman for the Fumble Pro. I put him through some grueling hours, but I’m pretty sure the nights out in Tuscaloosa made up for it.


Matthew Hall